Trooper Darriontae Stewart

Associate in Arts
Bachelor of Arts

MISSION: The Department of Criminal and Social Justice prepares students to work toward attaining justice within the formal social systems of our multicultural society. Upon graduation, students will be able to implement the values of fairness and cooperation by using empathy and compassion for the good of the individual and society as a whole.

Criminal Justice is the study of the practices and institutions involved in the process of carrying out social control. Through the three parts of the system –law enforcement, courts, and corrections –crimes are investigated, charges are brought with resulting convictions, and sanctions in the form of punishment and/or rehabilitation are carried out. Social Justice examines the ideals of justice versus the realities of injustice to find solutions to social issues. Through the sociological perspective, students will learn about the 3 parts of the criminal justice system and create positive social change. The Criminal Justice degree is excellent preparation for careers in law enforcement, law, corrections, probation, political science, public administration, human resources, and other government and service professions. It is also an excellent foundation for continued studies in law or graduate school. Many students choose to strengthen their employability with a double-major in social work which can provide advance standing for a Master of Social Work degree.


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